miRKO Knockout Pipeline Database

Welcome to the Keck Knock-Out Mouse pipeline page. This set of pages was developed by our team to internally track project workflow, and we have made it live in hopes that you will find some helpful data. Jackson Labs will create more formalized pages, and hopefully soon we will add a link to their pages.

Please click on the name of a microRNA below to see our progress towards generating a conditional knock-out mouse for that microRNA. Clicking on the images will reveal some of the underlying data. Also, click on the "microRNA" or "Status" column headings to sort the table by the values in those fields.

microRNAsort icon Vector Map family 5'-arm 3'-arm chimeras lacZ Status
miR-200a mir-200 Work Begun on Construct
mir-200a mir-200 Construct Created and QCd
miR-200b mir-200 Construct Created and QCd
miR-201/ mir-547
Construct Created and QCd
miR-202 mir-202 Construct Created and QCd
mir-202 mir-202 Work Begun on Construct
mir-202 mir-202 Work Begun on Construct
miR-203 mir-203 Construct Created and QCd
miR-204 mir-204 Construct Created and QCd
miR-205 mir-205
miR-206/ mir-133b
No Data
miR-208 mir-208 No Data
miR-21 mir-21 Completed
miR-210 mir-210
miR-211 mir-204 No Data
miR-212/ mir-132 mir-132 Construct Created and QCd
miR-214 mir-214 Construct Created and QCd
mir-217 mir-217 Work Begun on Construct
miR-218-2 mir-218 Construct Created and QCd
miR-219-1 mir-219 ES Cells have been Targeted